Chris Kelly Immel

Movement Over a Static Field (2006-2007)

These are short computer videos generated by custom software I created to study the optical effects of fragmenting the visual frame in various rectilinear patterns while moving across an image of a static two-dimensional field in the fashion of a "dolly" or "travelling" shot. The image is a panoramic photo-montage assembled from many photos of the ceiling of my then apartment basement in Astoria, New York.

The algorithm created something like a "frayed rope" of related pathways across the image, where each thread or fiber of the rope controled the movement of a single segment or facet of the fragmented image. The fibers were constrained by cubic splines to move smoothly: dispersing, reconverging, and redispersing repeatedly along the journey. Certain of the examples form seamless loops, where the motion continues smoothly across the end/beginning splice.